Ipswich Music Day

Ipswich Music Day

Ipswich Music Day, one of the largest free one-day music events in the UK. The event will feature a selection of the brightest talents to be found in East Anglia and will span almost every type of music. The music will be performed across six stages and other performance areas - as well as classical performances in the Mansion and nearby St Margaret's Church and Bethesda Church.

There will also be plenty of other entertainment on offer; fairground rides, children's activities, stalls and a variety of food will be on offer. It's the perfect setting for an enjoyable, exciting day out with family and friends.

Admission FREE (minimum £1 discretionary contributions welcome - includes programme)

Christchurch Mansion, St Margarets and Bethesda Churches will also be hosting artists on Music Day.


Suffolk New College Stage- Ed Sheeran Stage

SNC Jpeg

12:30 Never a Hero

13:30 The 4130s

14:30 Suffolk New College Bands

16:30 Off the Wall

17:30 Hot Tramp

18:30 War Waves 


Town 102 FM Stage

Town 102




12:00 Polly Voilet Collective

13:00 Alightlefton

14:00 Echo Tree

15:00 Nina Baker

16:00 Ashton Jones& The Innerheart Band

17:00 Moon Street

18:00 Primo Nelson

19:00  Benjamin Bloom


Lancaster Toyota Stage

 Toyota Jpeg

12:00 Chasin Vegas

13:00 Back to the Point

14:00 Hemingway

15:00 The Thinking Men

16:00 Superglu

17:00 Pistol and Vultures

18:00 Dingus Khan

19:00 East Town Pirates


CofE Suffolk Stage

Dio _Cof E_Colour


12:00 The Harry Isaac Presley Operation

13:00 The Key Features

14:00 TBC

15:00 Phoenix Jazz

16:00 Chip Kendall

16:30 Release Dance Crew

17:00 White Goose

17:30 Daughters of Davis

18:00 Service


Grapevine Tent

 Grapevine -logo

12:00 JS & The Lockerbies

12:45 IEM

13:30 Morganway

14:15 Elephant in the room

15:15 Rusty Boxx

16:00 Helen & The Neighbourhood Dogs

16:45 Edward Alice

17:30 Alton Walhberg

18:15 The Black Feathers


Hudson Group Stage

Hudson Group Jpeg


12:00 Connor Adams

12:30 Rhiannon Mair

13:00 The Mementos

14:00 MJSoul

15:00 Stetsons are Cool

16:00 Soul Riot

17:00 The Toots

18:00 The Downsetters



Ipswich Arts Association

Christchurch Mansion Art Gallery

 13:50 Welcome and Introduction

14:00 Ipswich Gilbert & Sullivan Society

14:30 Ipswich Choral Society

15:00 Moonlight Mandolin Orchestra

15:30 Musicology

16:00 Moonlight Mandolin Orchestra


Bethesda Baptist Church

13:50 Welcome and Introduction

14:00 Organist Bethesda Baptist Church

14:30 Silbury Hill

15:00 The Accidentals

15:30 Ipswich Co-op Ladies Choir

16:00 Camerata Singers

16:30 Ipswich Hospital Community Choir


St Margaret's Church

13:50 Welcome and Introduction

14:00 Black Barn Singers

14:30 Trianon Music Group Instrumentalists

15:00 The Birkbeck Singers

15:30 Trianon Music Group Singers

16:00 Musicology


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